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Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging is a profitable option for many wireless dealers because it can:

- Build uniformity for the appearance of all your locations
- Create brand identity for your products
- Reduce price competition
- Increase impulse buys from consumers

We can use your existing design or, with the help of our graphics department, design a unique custom back card using your logo and company colors. If you do not have a logo we can design something new and if you desire, we will create a "brand" name for your products. You have final sign-off authority on any creative work.

Front: We offer 4-color processing on the front of each card. The paper is 100 pound gloss stock. We recommend bold colors, plenty of open space behind the cavity of the clam shell and overall simplicity. You want to create an image that is unique to your stores.

Back: The back is one color or full color and is used to:

1) Identify store locations
2) Provide specifics of your warranty
3) Promote your web site
4) Recommend other accessories
5) Illustrate instructions on how to use
6) Provide a coupon for later use

Mobile Line acquires all back cards at our expense and they remain the property of Mobile Line Communications.

If the yearly commitment is not met within 80%, the customer agrees to buy the remaining cards at $.25 each or simply renew this agreement.

Special Labeling

All products will be shipped with a UPC label which includes our part number. We can customize a label for you with:

1) Your part number
2) Your SKU
3) You retail price

Some retailers, for inventory control, have their own unique bar code. Your product would be shipped with this sticker applied to the clam shell.